Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where NOT to put your keys at TNT!

At TNT last night, I left my keys next to the outside rail of the track, so I wouldn't have to carry them while running. This is new for me, as I am paranoid about losing them.

When I finished, they were still there, but retrieval was an issue. Some dude who totally kicked ass during the workout was puking right over my keys! The keys were ok. The conversation went something like this:

ME: "Um, those are my keys. Excuse me. I'll just grab 'em".
GUY: "Sorry, dude. I didn't even see them there."
ME: "No problem!"
GUY'S GIRLFRIEND: "I thought he was coming over to congratulate you on a good workout ."

Later, I realized that's exactly what I SHOULD have said...right before I snagged my keys.
I really need to be more considerate.

This got me to thinking, maybe I'm not trying hard enough. Maybe I should be hurling after or during the workouts. I might try that next time. The last time I hurled from running was the 2002 DC Area Beer Mile. Warm beer + running = not so good.

I guess the takeaways from this lesson are:
1) never put your keys next to the outside rail of the track. The inside near the bottles is a much better choice!
2) be more considerate
3) run harder

On a more technical note, this is my first post using Blogpress, which is an app for the iPhone. I am hoping it will enable me to do more frequent posts.


  1. I signed up for the JFK 50 miler and did a google search on the race to see if any one was blogging about it and came accross your site. This post made me laugh. Just this week after a morning run I stopped by a small restaurant where I have gone before to get breakfast. The door was locked, which was unusual because it was always open at 7:00 before. A lady working inside saw me trying to open the door and came out to tell me "we wont be open until a little later. We had an employee throw up in the kitchen and we are cleaning it up now." I lost my appetite.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jim!

    Sounds like that lady is guilty of TMI.

    I'm guessing that the accident the employee had was not related to a super-hard workout...and probably due to the quantity of beverages consumed the night before!

    I missed the cutoff for JFK. I might do Stone Cat in Ipswich, Mass. It supposedly ends at a brewery!

  3. I would guess that was probably Joel Brusewitz that was throwing up...and why would you leave your keys on the outside of the track! Terrible idea. At least now you know.