Saturday, July 11, 2009

TurtleHeadAck on Twitter

I am now on Twitter!

This has been a pretty good week:
I finally contacted a podiatrist to address some of my concerns. I'm looking forward to pain-free running.

I set up an account on Twitter. Yeah, I know, I'm behind the times. It's fascinating, though. I have it set up on my iPhone, and when I get bored, I monitor the tweet stream for various search terms. Already, I am learning useful info. For instance, two dams will be removed in Patapsco State Park, Union Dam and Simkins Dam, and they may even remove Daniels Dam and Bloede Dam. I think this may cause some trail changes, as the water level changes. Should be good for the fishies, though.

Here is a link that describes the project in more detail.

I had several runs this week longer than 1 hour, all on trails. It feels great! I decided to do a time trial last night on the Promenade. Sorry to all of the people I almost ran over! You should really pay attention to where you are going, though. When I finished, I thought I had done 5 miles, and my time of 26 minutes would have been freaking awesome! But then reality intruded into my fantasy, and I figured 4 miles. Then 3.8. When I got home, I went to Google Maps Pedometer (awesome site, btw) and I mapped my run. 3.68 miles! Not so great! That means I was actually running at 7.06 minutes per mile, which is 7:04? per mile. Not awesome. But not too bad, considering all the lights and peds I had to stop for. Peds is short for pedestrians, of course. I'm pretty happy with the other runs I have put in this week, and the direction of my training and fitness.

For the run mapping, initially went to, but was turned off by the blizzard of ads. Yuck. Then I remembered Gmaps Pedometer. I used to use this site a lot. No ads, and it works great!
Here is the run I did Friday evening:

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