Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tour De Blur

This is my view of the Tour De France on VsHD. Wonderful picture, eh? Not so much. All my other HD channels work fine. Even Vs HD usually works when displaying stuff like Rodeos and Hunting. Just the Tour. So I have been relegated (that's a TdF pun, btw) to watching the Tour in regular Def.

Oh, well.

One of my running buddies insists that "any HD is good HD", but he hasn't seen this picture!


  1. Dude, I don't know what's up with THAT. I thought you were just complaining about the HD. I've complained about certain channels whose HD wasn't that good. CBS, for instance, has had the best HD of any network station for years. ABC has typically not been that good. I was nitpicking. I would not nitpick this.

    And Tuesday wasn't raining really so the TV shouldn't have been all messed up like it was today. Stupid DirecTV when it rains.

  2. Yeah, after rereading my blog posts, I realize I complain a LOT, but I got a legit complaint on this one! Rain has nothing to do with it, since I have Comcast Cable. I could probably complain to Comcast, but in a couple days, I won't need to watch Vs for another year...

    If I watch the picture for more than a few seconds, I want to hurl. I was going to throw down a joke about Bulimia, but I know some chicks with eating disorders, so I will refrain...