Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JFK 50 Miler- Good news and bad news

I went to sign up for the JFK 50 Miler. There is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that for the first few days, JFK is only open to current military, military vets, and JFK veterans with at least 5 finishes. This run fills up quickly, so there is a chance I won't get in (which is maybe good news?)

The good news is that E is a vet, so he can sign up today. Also, I was just talking to my high school coach, who helps run the race. He said if I have trouble getting in, he might be able to help me.

So the real thing to consider is: WTF am I thinking? 50 miles? Am I crazy?

I am getting better with my training, so I doubt that my body will fall apart in training THIS time.

I definitely need to see a running doctor about my ankles. If I string too many days of running together, especially if they are on roads, they start to hurt. If I "play it smart" and rest, I don't get into the fitness level I need to be in.

I went to a shoe store in Annapolis where they sold me orthotics, and they hurt my ankles tremendously, even after getting them redone two or three times. I need to see someone who knows what they are doing.

One fear is that if I wear orthotics when running trails, I won't have the control I need and will have a catastrophic ankle sprain/twist.


  1. Do it. Alyssa is doing it and I think Ben is going to give it a go.

    NEVER buy orthotics from a running store if you think you have some real problems! An orthopaedist, particularly one who is also a runner, is the best way to go. There is a guy that is friends of Falls Road, I think his name is Santori or something? I can probably find out for you.

  2. Thanks Ryan,
    I normally am pretty un-gullible, but the sales lady got me at a weak moment. I am unafraid of spending money if I think it will reduce pain and make me a better runner.

    The warning signs were obvious if I had been thinking clearly. All of the customers in the store were morbidly obese. No runners in sight!

    I'm sure these things would be great if I weighed 350 lbs, and was just looking for devices to support my incredible bulk so I could do a job that involved standing and walking around.

    By signing up for a 50 miler, it gives me the incentive to get off my ass and get some help.

  3. Great to hear you're running JFK! You will love the race. Keep your fingers crossed for mild temps this year though - last year was about 10 degrees at the top of the mountain. I'll be heading out that way this fall for some training runs, so I'll keep you in the loop about those!