Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanxmas is over!

Ok, I haven't posted in a while because school and work was getting a bit crazy, plus the holidays were distracting. I didn't do much over Thanxmas. Thanxmas is the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I've been swimming a bit, and tonight I swam 1 mile. It felt great. Yesterday, I ran from Canton, through Fells Point, the Inner Harbor, and into Federal Hill, and then back. I took what I call the "business route" on the way out. The "business route" is the straightest, fastest way. I normally take this on the way back, when I get hungry, thirsty, tired, or all three. Yesterday, I reversed things, and took the business route on the way out, and then took the scenic route on the way back. The scenic route follows the promenade around the water, and zigzags a lot more. As you might guess, the scenic route is a bit longer than the business route. The weird thing is that I hit the same time for each. 33 minutes. Yeah, I know it's slow, but considering I'm restarting from scratch, 1:07 isn't so bad. I'll probably do 1:30 or 1:45 on the trails on Saturday.

BTW, I had an awesome 50 min trail run last Saturday, and rediscovered what I loved so much about trail running.

I've been slacking on the race signups, so I need to sign up for some trail races and triathlons ASAP. I will post here when I figure out what I'm doing.