Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today’s Run

Todays run: 10K (6.1mi) around the harbor on the Promenade. 43:36, which works out to 7:09 per mile! This is really good for me. I haven’t been running this well since my late teens. (a very long time ago!) Ok, it’s possible that I have ran this well since then, but I didn’t have a fancy Dork Watch™ with GPS, heart rate monitor, and chick repellant. So I never knew how fast I was running.

I guess a new goal will be to break 42:00 for the 10K. When I was a freshman at UMD, I timed myself at 35:56 for 6 miles. But my best 10K is a little over 42:00 at the Clyde’s 10K. That extra .1 miles was a killer! Clyde’s is one of my favorite races, btw, because they have great food and beer apres. Well, let me correct that. They have great food, and they have beer (Michelob Ultra). I am not so much of a snob that I won’t drink it, though.

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