Saturday, May 9, 2009

5 things you can do to avoid Turtlehead Attacks during your morning run:

Maybe I didn’t choose the best name for my blog. Now that topic is the only thing I think about during my runs. This morning, for instance, I ran around the harbor, and had to cut short the run, because I had “issues”. I ended up doing less than 5 miles, at a very slow pace. I won’t even mention it here.

Perhaps it was because I ate several chimichangas really late last night, and then ran early this morning. Perhaps I didn’t eat enough for breakfast (ie zero); oatmeal or a cliff bar might have helped “make things happen” BEFORE the run.

I think it’s a combination of the above factors. This is making me think of a list. Everyone loves lists, right? At least that’s what they say in the blogging books!

  1. Don’t eat too late the night before. 10 is bad. 11 is worse. 1am is awful. If you are carb-loading, this is even more important. Really. Unless you want to make several pit stops and lose 15 minutes on a 50K run, eat at 7pm or before.
  2. Eat something for breakfast. I prefer oatmeal, as it is easy to digest. I don’t recommend a Grand Slam at Denny’s! There are a lot of theories on breakfasts before a long run, I’ll write a separate post on that later. But basically, find something that works for you, and don’t experiment the night before a big race. Trust me on this!
  3. Make sure you allow enough time for bodily functions AFTER you eat, and BEFORE the run.
  4. This may sound kinda funny, but your body likes to set a rhythm. If your daily routine is to release the hostages mid-morning at work, then realize that if you are doing a long run, you might feel the need to go in the middle of your run. Set your routine so it won’t interfere with your run.
  5. Try to limit alcohol the night before. It will dehydrate you and mess up your routine. If you have to get your drink on, I advise going for a mid-afternoon or evening run.

Sometimes, even the best plans go awry. It’s a good idea to plan ahead in case of difficulties. Choose a course that has public facilities or restaurants that won’t mind you dropping in to say “hi”. Sometimes, if I am not feeling too well, I’ll just circle my neighborhood or zigzag down the streets, so I am never too far from the hizzy.

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