Friday, May 1, 2009

Perfectionism = No Posts

Ah, a fate common to many new blogs. The blogger finds all kinds of excuses not to write...

Actually, I have written a couple posts but I haven't published them yet, because I wasn't happy with them. They need more work.

Which reminds me of something. I've been reading blogging books as a way to procrastinate, and the thing many people say, is that blogs are not supposed to be perfect. You are supposed to just stream your consciousness onto your keyboard, and then hit the "Post" button.

I find that difficult. I am a perfectionist. I need to get everything absolutely RIGHT. The downside of this is a lot of half-finished projects. So I am going to endeavor to just post stuff and see what happens. I can always edit them later. (yeah, right!)

And it's not like anyone is actually reading this, except me.

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