Sunday, August 2, 2009

2000 calories on the NCR

Had a great run today. We did 13 miles in 8:42 per mile. Most of it was at 9:00 per mile, and we picked it up to 8:15ish in the last few miles.

The plan is to train to keep at this pace for at least 50K. I think this is doable. Maybe i will change my mind when we get beyond 20 miles in a few weeks. 9:00 per mile is pretty good for a 50K, about 4:30. As long as there are no mountains or crazy technical stuff...
Meaning, HAT run, yes, Bel Monte, no!

Keeping this up for 50 miles would be great, but I have no idea if this is possible (for me).

My current plan is to get in shape to run the Gunpowder 50k, then build from there to 50 miles.

I did TNT on Tuesday, and I was able to stick to the back of the pack. Which made me happy. That was totally attributable to eating a PowerBar before running.

I still wish they would do 12 x 400, my fave workout from the old days.

Of course, a miler workout like that wouldn't be very helpful for someone training for an Ultra.

Perhaps an intelligent training plan would be helpful. Considering what I have been doing over the last few years, improving should be easy! I'm 15 lbs less, I'm running more miles each week, and, most importantly, I'm running smarter.

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