Monday, August 31, 2009

Not slacking on the training pays benefits!

I went running on the NCR trail on Saturday, and I felt pretty good. We ran 9 miles, and I could have gone a lot further. But this was an off week, so 9 miles is just fine. We ran at 8:40 pace for the first 8 miles, then on the last mile, I burned off some excess energy and turned in a 6:40. That works out to 8:27 per mile for the nine.

Last week, we did 19, and struggled to keep up with a 9:00 pace. Not sure what the difference was. Maybe I carb-loaded too late before last week's long run. That's usually reason enough for a miserable run!

One difference was that I did TNT this week. I had to miss Tuesday Night Track for the last few weeks because of work schedule, both at the real job, and the self-inflicted torture that is rehabbing my kitchen! At TNT, I did the abbreviated workout, one, because I can't handle the full workout, and two, because I got there a bit late. I did 1600, 800, 800, 1600, 600. I think. So almost 3.5 miles of speedwork on the track, plus about 3 miles of warm up and warm down on the trails around Gillman. I'll guess at the times. 6:13, 3:05, 3:08, 6:30, and I really don't know about the last 600. Everyone else did a 1000, I jumped in on the last lap and a half, and finished not too far off the back. The second mile really sucked, I think I lost focus and started to jog for a bit, then I remembered I was supposed to be running fast, and I picked it up in the last 300.

I also got a decent run or two at Patapsco, so I think I benefitted from extra running volume this week. Oh, and I did a tempo run of about 5 miles on Thursday night through Canton, Fells, IHE. It felt fairly fast for me, probably in the low 7:something per mile.

The week I did 19, my training was total crap. Being focused and getting the work done helps!

I also really need to start going back to the gym and or pool. Thinking back to when I was faster, I definitely remember putting time in with the leg weights. Leg press, leg flexion, leg extension machines. We also did this thing where we lean up against a wall, and then drop down so we are in a seated position against the wall, but without sitting on anything. You just keep doing that until your legs burn, then keep doing it until you can't stand the burn anymore. With my old creaky knees, getting back up again might be a challenge! Anyhow, it's gotta be easier than the version my buddy E learned. He had to do that, plus hold a rifle with both hands, arms extended out from the chest. Since I don't have a rifle handy, I could hold a 2x3 piece of lumber...

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