Thursday, March 18, 2010

My blog name doesn’t make much sense anymore…

I think the name of my blog no longer works for me.  I initially named it because I was frustrated by the constant GI and digestive issues I was experiencing.  Since I logged what I was eating, and I figured out my “problem foods”, my issues mostly went away.  And recently, I started eating salads and vegetables and fruit, and cutting way back on meat.  This has pretty much eliminated (sorry for the pun) all of my elimination issues.  I know people have been telling me what to do for years, but I never could change until now.

Now when I get hungry, I think of carrots, and fresh greens, and fruit, not meat and fried foods.

The difference is truly amazing.  I credit Born to Run for finally encouraging me to make this change in my lifestyle.

So I could find a new name, perhaps one that follows my new interest in minimalist footwear, natural stride, and good nutrition.  But I kinda like my name, and I really like the banner graphic.  So I will probably keep everything the way it is.

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