Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Starting from scratch in the pool

Quick update.  My swim progression is going nicely.  When starting to swim after a very long break, I begin on the first day with 12 laps, then next day I do 18 laps, 18 laps again, then 24, 24 again, then 30, 30 again, then do 33 or 36.  For a long time, my math-challenged brain thought 36 laps was a mile, but then my friend Ryan pointed out that 33 laps is a mile!  Oops!  Since I don’t count the laps very well, who knows how far I really am going?  Now, I can count to 33, yeah, I’m not dumb.  But when swimming, if I start to daydream a bit and strategizing about work or relationship challenges, I can totally loose track of what lap I’m on.  I do the same thing on the track.

Anyhow, last night I did 24 laps in 28 minutes.  I was pushing it the whole way, because I started at 9pm and the pool closes at 9:30pm.  I think I may have done 1 or 2 laps extra due to that daydreaming thing I was mentioning earlier.  I need to focus and get an accurate lap count so I can get an accurate gauge of my speed.  Anyhow, it was slow, but not too bad for my 4th swim.

Two nights ago, I got on my bike on the trainer for 30 minutes while watching the underwhelming Ravens play Cleveland for Monday Night Football.  I wore my running shoes, and a lot of the foot pain and knee pain didn’t happen, like when I wear my biking shoes.  So I guess I need new biking shoes.  :-(

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