Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TNT, nutrition, speedwork strategy for nooBs, and your longest run shouldn't be on the track!

Tonight was TNT, or Tuesday Night Track. After the track workout, we went to Chipotle, and when I saw the shredded meat, it reminded me of how my legs feel! Shredded!

The workout was 3x600m, 2400m, 3x600m, 2x200m, with 200m jog rest between the intervals.

Since I am still a beginner, and still gaining my fitness, the 200m jog rest was insufficient for me. It does me no good to try to run speed if I am struggling. The point of speedwork is to teach the body what it is like to run fast, and to keep proper form.

Arjun made a good point about keeping form, ie, don't put your head back.

Dave Berardi also gave a good example of someone he knows (I'm not sure exactly) who was inexperienced at speedwork, and was training with a more experienced runner, and he cut off laps to get more rest in between intervals. Again, it is better to try to run fast with someone and stop sooner, then just do the same workout, but be a lot slower because you are tired. And if your form is bad, you are more likely to get injured.

Not sure if I am making a whole lot of sense here.

But anyway, the 600's with 200 jog was draining my energy, so I cut them back to 400's, and was able to keep up with the back of the pack (usually!) For the 2400m, I cut one lap off and did 2000m. I have no idea how fast I was going, but it felt fast (to me).

Joel G. and Maurice gave me some good tips on eating something before TNT. I think I need to bring some Gatorade, eat a second (light) lunch, and maybe slurp down a gu packet before I step on to the track. I also need to look into recovery drinks.

Vitamins have been helping me by making it feel like I have more energy, even though they expired a year ago! People on the Internets say it is safe (so it must be true, right?) I kid, but really, I cross-verified, and the only people who said it was dangerous seemed like total morons, with many misspellings and grammar mistakes.

From what I can tell, vitamins are guaranteed a certain potency by their expiry date, and they degrade slowly over time. So worst case, I am just taking less-potent vitamins. Hmm, I should have made this a post all by itself.

At the end of the workout, they calculated how much we ran, and it came out to 10 miles. Yikes! That is my longest mileage of the week! This is when I realized that I haven't been doing long runs. Speedwork builds speed, but you need long runs to build strength and endurance. Duh!

I need to make it out to NCR once a week to get some mileage in at a good pace. Patapsco is too technical for me to go fast enough.

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